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Royalty or copyright free mapping

Royalty or copyright free maps of UK towns, cities, areas etc are produced from aerial photography and out of copyright mapping together with ground verification checks to pick up street and building names, road numbers and other information. There are no royalty or licence fees to pay on this type of mapping and you own the copyright to the particular map created for you.

We can produce royalty free mapping at any scale from town centre plans to area, district and GB maps.

Since April 2010, Ordnance Survey data has been free to use for most commercial purposes and this has therefore largely taken away the need for producing royalty free maps in the UK which has always been labour intensive and therefore comparatively costly. We can now create UK mapping based on Ordnance Survey data quickly and efficiently and at a lower cost than the royalty free method with no royalties or licence fees to pay. A strap line on the map crediting the source of the data as Ordnance Survey is all that is required. Contact us for more details.

All of the mapping created by us for areas outside the UK is produced royalty free.

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